Staying Present In The Midst Of Things


“The truth is, we cannot do ‘compassionate presence’; we can only be a ‘compassionate presence’ in each moment.” Kirsten DeLeo

How can we stay present to people at the most vulnerable times of their lives? How can we manage our own internal responses and manage feelings like inadequacy, powerlessness or overhelm?

Karen Wyatt, MD, interviewed me last summer on the End-of-Life University podcast. Her podcast features conversations with people who are passionate about changing the way our society deals with dying, death, and after-death decisions.

In this podcast, Karen and I talk about our personal and professional experiences of being at the bedside - the challenges we have encountered and the richness of this work. I also share and guide a few easy and effective mindfulness tools - tools that can help us to stay present when we find ourselves in the midst of things.

Listen here.

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